Go for it.

Anonymous sent: WHO DO YOU LOVE?


Anonymous sent: "I'll be honest, Tahno. I kind of missed seeing your cocky smile around the city. What have you been up to? Besides breaking the hearts of your countless fangirls, I'm assuming." Her smirk was just as determined as it was the day they'd met in the noodle shop, but it was different somehow. Softer--playful, even.

"Sounds like you’ve been thinking about me a lot, huh?  I don’t blame you.  I think about myself a lot too."

Anonymous sent: (In a sad attempt to inspire your muse back) The determined water tribe girl sauntered up to Tahno, hands planted upon the pelt she often wore around her hips. "This wall looks nice, Tahno. But it'd look a lot better with you up against it."

"Nice to see you again too, sweetheart."

Anonymous sent: Do you have your muse back?

ooc:  No, it’s dead and buried. 

Maybe if someone inspired it back, I’d have an easier time.

Anonymous sent: we miss you!

ooc:  Thanks ; u;

ooc: well this is embarrassing

The truth is

I had lost the e-mail to this account because I have so many e-mails that it’s hard to keep track of them mentally.

And I never wrote them down.

I’m such a failure.  Thank you all for not unfollowing me.

Anonymous sent: Hey I'm glad to see you're back, I miss seeing your face



Anonymous sent: Hey Tahno, I've got the cutest face you could ever come across. If you know what I mean ;)

"Yeah, you’re really—something.”

kiango sent: ((ok, you got me; you remain the only tahno rp bog that i haven't blocked in the Tahno tag,,, you're perfect ;_; ))


thank you for not blocking me  ; u;

asamisatoness-deactivated201208 sent: Hey Tahno, how are you feeling? Wanna go for a spin in my car?

"I’m getting there."

"Thanks for the offer, sweetheart, but I’ve seen you drive.  Lunch was expensive and I’d like to keep it in my stomach."